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5 Weird things about Mumbai

5 Weird things about Mumbai

OMG!!!!! Here are some weird cum scariest things about Mumbai which I feel when I went to Mumbai recently. And after reading the blog I am sure this will also blow your
mind too
So, Here are the Most 5 weirdest things in Mumbai:-

1)    Massive Traffic  (what the Hell !!!) 

Yesterday I went to Mumbai for some of my work actually my relatives are there in Mumbai indifferent places so I used to go by local trains which are running in Mumbai (or Mumbai is running in those trains - I don’t know) so after reaching in Bandra I came out to pick a cab from Bandra station to someplace and it was around only 4 km away from my location as per google baba and 59 minutes to reach destination also as per google baba. so I reached finally to my destination in 1 hr (google baba Sahi nikle) but again there is another problem occurred for me and that was I had to cross the road because that cab driver dropped me on the opposite side of the road where I actually wanted to  go so ( Phir se lag gae )
So i waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited  and waited and crossed the road in the next 40 minutes only !!!!!!!!! I was so irritated by that all incident.

So at that time I realize how these people are living in this city and how they are managing all these thing so, after talking with my uncle I came to know if you want to reach your office at 9 am then you have to leave the home at least at 7 am I mean, I am not talking about all Mumbai city area but zyadatar areas me vaha aisa hi hai traffic ka funda.

2)    Robotic life

In Mumbai, there are many different kind of people but no one bothers, no one. Every day in Mumbai is like

  • Wake up for a job or study
  • Do it fast otherwise train or bus will leave you
  • Catch the train or bus
  • Sit in locals for hour and hour   
  • Don’t talk to anyone
  • Be in your own world
  • after reaching the destination just run to catch bus or another local or just run because others are running
  • Reach to office and work hard and leave the office in the evening and run again for the locals

and same that same transit situations and all
Eat and sleep !!!!!!!!1 Done…

  • Wake up for a job...…….and so on 
In Mumbai the peoples are designed to behave like this as their daily routine, they don’t have any other options, you just run otherwise train will be missed by you so you have to run and you will run. You don’t even have time to think that am i human or Robot  ?

They don’t allow you to think that’s why you are not being able to think. What they want you to do you are doing that only. That’s it!!!!!!

See here, breathing will become more difficult in future see how

3)    Autorikshaw Driver

Mumbai is the kind of city that never sleeps. Always there is movement of people is there. And public transport is much organized as compared to any other city. But still the people of Mumbai have to suffer from the side of “Autowalas".

Finding a auto rickshaw these days has become very difficult. There are many people who stay in queue or maintain a queue, and there are many people are there who behave like as if they are on any battle ground.

The one who win the battle get the privilege of hearing the meter sound first.
So here are some autowalas :-

The Storyteller
He is that autowala, who has an interesting story to share with you randomly. He can also ask your advice for making an important decision in life. He might end up talking about his love life, marriage problems, dreams that he have for his children or talk about his investment plans

The Angry rude old man
He is that autowala who spoils your day or ends your day on a bad note.He is quick in saying a no. He is one with a loud voice that makes a noise for everything. He is the one who abuses fellow riders on the road. He thinks he knows it all and if you ask him to slow down, he might just ask you to get down.

The Wanna be Dude

He is the who thinks, he is super cool. He will have earphones with a made in china label tucked to his shirt. He speeds up as if he is flying a jet plane. He will make sure he checks out every woman who passes by. He will not miss moment where he can showcase his singing abilities.

The Cheater
He is the one who you would ask to take a u-turn so that you can take him to the police station. His meter always has problem. He is bad with right directions. He will never have change to return you. He will always have justifications to charge you extra.

The Good Guy
He is that one who only lucky ones find. He instantly agrees to your request. He is honest. He will return extra money to you. He acts like a rescue agent in times of emergency. He is one who fetches a thank you from you. 

4)     Limited open space per individuals 

There is a huge insufficiency of available and usable open space per individual with the expansion in the quantity of properties in Mumbai. The general population open space per individual in New York is 26.4 sq.m and in London, it is 31.68 sq.m per individual, while in Mumbai, it is just 1.28 sq.m per individual, which is particularly low when contrasted and the benchmarks making it the most confined city.

5)    Rates of the properties are touching sky

The property rates in Mumbai are one of the costliest in the world. An average flat in Mumbai costs around Rs 10,000 per sq ft. Also, places such as Navi Mumbai and Thane, which are less populated cities have many projects coming up that have flats priced over Rs 1 crore. Taking the slumping sales, burgeoning debt and repayment pressures into consideration, these prices are probably not going to fall soon. Property rates in Mumbai are advancing drastically, making first-time buyers shed their savings to purchase a home. Property prices in Mumbai increased by 12% taking it to the third position worldwide in the costliest markets. The rate at which property rates are rising is beneficial only to real estate business houses. It also demonstrates the current status of indian economy which is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The real estate market in Mumbai has provided the highest returns on investment due to which it has always been the favorite aspiration of investors. The properties in Mumbai saw a rise of about 87% in the last four years on the basis of poor urban planning and the growing connection of builders and politicians in the city.

Political and Builder Connection            

There are many scams and scandals related to property have been exposed over the last few years. Scandals such as Adarsh housing society which is a disturbing fact as well as a red signal to people. The way some state leaders had misused their powers. It was alleged that the land belongs to army and was authorized for housing project for Kargil war widows. But instead it was looted by politicians and army lobby. Various number of Congress politicians, including Ashok Chavan, used their position and power to acquire these apartments for themselves and their family members, which were approved for Kargil war widows.

Such scams and scandals not only increase the scarcity of the properties but also hollow the economy of the country. Due to such scandals, genuine persons are not able to get what was meant for them and suffer a lot for nothing.

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