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10 Reasons To Get Started In Blogging…..Now!

10 Reasons To Get Started In Blogging…..Now!

Reasons to get started in blogging … Now!

The year has started; why not take the opportunity to earn some money as well as knowledge. One example: Setting up a blog!

If you are not convinced with the benefits of blogging, so maybe I’ll prove you wrong with these 10 reasons to get into blogging …

10 reasons to get started in blogging

10 Reasons To Get Started In Blogging…..Now!

 1. To help others

For me, the ambition of a blog is mutual. I share a lot and I love it. Over time, Around the Web, it has moved towards a blog of tips, tricks, and presentations of free Web services. 

Blogging is the profession in which you can help people of the entire world. If you know the answer to the different questions which are from the different peoples who all are from the whole world then this is the right place to share your knowledge and convey your thinking or answers to the whole world.

And I am telling you this is the best feeling of receiving great comments from the different people after helping them. You should also try at least once.

2. To earn money

What if your habit of helping people by just sharing your knowledge on the internet will give you some bucks in the form of reward even just by sitting and working at home, No BOSS, No JOB Timings, No Politics of office, No disturbance in morning sweet sleep just imagine these things !!!  

Do not think that making money online is easy. Many have tried but few have succeeded. People who tell you otherwise are liars … or very good marketers!

Yet, even if it is not huge, I must admit that there is a way to earn some money with your blog. I do, it works, but it’s been 3 years since I blog every day!

3. To make tremendous knowledge

Blogging is like a big family. People touch and say hello. “Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice”. It is almost like the land of Care Bears!

Joking aside, I made ?? fun of knowledge through my blogs. Some are even in the directory of my iPhone!

When you start blogging first you have to do research on different topics which are related to your interested topics and then you will choose your one interesting topic so when you start a blog related to your interested the topic then you will gain more and more knowledge and after receiving great comments from your audience on each article you will boost yourself or pull yourself level up and up and up.

 So by leveling up of yourself you will gain so much knowledge in your field that maybe you can become a professor also of your field.  So this will be your great experience also.

4. To boost your career

A blog is generally seen as a ”professional showcase”. Build your reputation; reinforce your skills through your blog. For sure, new opportunities and doors will open for you. It can create some extra passive income for you and after some time if you show more interest to this I am dam sure it will give you more income than your job.

 Yeah, it's true just the condition is to do your work by the full dedication and see results. Many bloggers are there in blogging community right now initially they were doing blogging for their interest but after spending some time on their blog they realize it can also be the full-time home-based business which will definitely boost your career and helps to achieve your life goals. And there are so many examples you can see on the internet !!!

10 Reasons To Get Started In Blogging…..Now!

5. To put you (finally) reading

Come on, I confess again, I hated reading before opening Around the Web … like everyone else, I spent my time on Online games (Counter Strike and BF2 for No life  ). 

In short, no future. Now, reading is a part of my daily routine. I read about two to three books per month plus the many blogs that I read daily. 

When you start blogging your most of the time well be spent reading books and blogs. You will take some ideas and inspiration from different reading sources. So, reading is also a very useful and necessary part of blogging which triggers your knowledge and as well as it gives your article some boost up also.

6. To learn other languages

I read a lot, but I read many blogs especially foreigners (English, Spanish, Italian). And it’s funny but I realized I was learning words without realizing it! 

Yes, it's true! When you start your own blog? It will push yourself to read different blogs and different language blogs are also will include in it. 

See, the Blogging community is in the whole world so the blogs and articles which are on the internet are from whole world and in different languages also. So your brain will trigger you to read and learn some different languages to expand your blog. And many people learn another language just by reading and watching videos only for boosting their blogging business. So, you can also try this.

7. To build a network

Social networks are certainly one of the nicest things that the Web is done in recent years. It’s easy to create a network of 1,000 fans on Facebook and 2,000 subscribers on a Twitter account. Building a network takes time, but it is mandatory for the proper functioning of a blog.

Social media possess great potential in itself if you use it in a written way it will definitely boost your blog even so many bloggers are regularly taking millions of traffic on their blog from facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc social media platforms. 

So, social media creates great fan following for your blog. Always there so many readers are waiting for your article.

8For the pleasure of  writing

Writing is certainly one of those things that you hate the most in school. And yet, from a simple idea and finish with a text that makes more than 750 words (like this article), it gives you the potato! Hahaha….!! Yeah !! It gives you potatoes…..!!! 

See, writing is the most important part of blogging. t's very important to convey your thoughts from the brain to paper or screen. So after some time when you write your 1st 2-3 articles after that, you will like to write and you will use it. It's my experience I was also very lazy about writing but now I have 75% typing speed.  

9. To use the time instead of wasting

You are unemployed?  Why not take advantage of your time to start a blog? 

I know there are many unemployed people are there many just simply waste their time by not doing anything, 

Guys see life is too short to do something big. If you want to be successful in your life than you do not have free time to pass by not doing anything. Just keep this thing in your mind. And this is the best usage of your time which will give so many positive things to you which I have already mentioned above.

 And last but not the least

10. You Can Make World a Better Place

When you have your own blog, that means you have your own voice in a rush. So that means you can reach so many people to say them what is good and what is bad and guide them for good things by your blog only. 

And maybe it help the world to change. When we use social media, usually we see so many viral posts from which we learn something and we guided by that post to do write things instead of mistakes which is even done by mistakes.

So, this is the big point which you can consider to start your blog and being a BRAND.

I’m sure you’ll be able to follow all the points mentioned above.

By reading all article if you want to start your blog then you can start by referring this link

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