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Interesting Facts:The Combination of Interesting and Weird Facts

Interesting Facts:The Combination of Interesting and Weird Facts

Most are misleading, but some are true.
The American popular magazine Live Science conducted a survey among its readers to find out exactly which scientific myths are most popular. Having determined the list of the most popular curious questions, the journal asked scientists to comment on these myths. Most of the statements were completely unfounded.

There is no gravity in space - Lies

 Apparently, the popular expressions “zero gravity” and “weightlessness” are to blame for this error. Gravity is everywhere, the force of gravity equally affects all people. Cosmonauts in orbit soar in zero gravity only because they constantly fall to Earth with their spaceship. Only they do it in the horizontal plane. Gravity decreases with distance, but never completely disappears. And, by the way, the misconception that there is a vacuum in space is also wrong. In fact, interstellar space is filled with all kinds of atoms and particles, just the distance between them is somewhat larger than on Earth.

A chicken can live without a head - True

Indeed, a couple of minutes after the chicken is chopped off, it “lives”. She can run and even try to take off. This is because sometimes, losing his head, the chicken preserves the stem part of the brain, which is responsible for most reflexes. The confirmed fact is known that one strong individual  lived without a head for a year and a half . So now it’s clear where the expression “brainless chicken” came from - the head of this “bird” is not needed for life.

Human Brain Works Only 10% - False

This misconception has been around for almost a century. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, this is not so. The data of magnetic resonance studies of the brain clearly demonstrate that most of the cerebral cortex is actively involved in human life. Our head works, even when we sleep. So to believe in the promises of false prophets that in the future a person will be able to use the brain completely and then happiness will come to everyone at once, is not worth it. Better think with your head.

A water funnel in the southern hemisphere of the Earth rotates in a different direction than in the northern - False
The speed of rotation of the Earth is not enough to affect the direction of the flow of water even in the smallest shell. As you can see from personal experience, the movement and shape of the water funnel in the sink depends only on the features of the “relief”, and certainly not on global causes. Life and real science are very prosaic.

Eating a poppy seed bun is almost the same as smoking opium - Almost true
Oddly enough, there is some truth in this statement. Although a bun with poppy seeds will not deliver you those joyful minutes of peaceful euphoria that opium smokers get, drug control problems may arise. If after a while, after a person eats two buns with poppy seeds, take blood from him for analysis, an opiate test is likely to be positive.

A coin thrown from a skyscraper will kill a person - Lies

An ordinary coin is not the most perfect weapon in terms of aerodynamics. Due to the wind and air resistance, which for such an unfortunate shape will be very large, a coin, even thrown from the Empire State skyscraper, which is nearly 380 meters, will not be able to cause a person any significant injury. So, if you decide to deal with your ill-wisher in such an exotic way, it is better to spend a trifle to buy a brick.

Once a 14-year-old boy broke into Buckingham Palace and stole Queen Victoria’s underwear.

A woman named Sarah Carmen suffers from a rare condition that gives her up to 200 uncontrollable orgasms a day.

People become extremely honest, awkward, weird and personal during the late night/early morning.

160 billion emails are sent daily

Dogs in the top 20 percent of canine intelligence can learn at least 250 words and signals.

Honeybees can count, categorize similar objects like dogs or human faces, and differentiate between shapes.

Spiders mate so fast, they even don’t care what sex their lover is.

Babies can learn lullabies in the womb.

Brain cell growth in adults stops - False
Although the human brain grows most actively and goes through the main stages of formation at an early age, cell division does not stop in adults. Studies show that neurons grow and change successfully until death. So the nerves are restored, and everyone has a chance to grow wiser.

Chicken Broth Can Cure Colds - Almost True
Of course, it is impossible to cure a cold with chicken stock. But scientists still support adults who make their sick children absorb chicken broth. Studies show that it contains substances that have anti-inflammatory properties that help stop the spread of the disease. Therefore, whatever you think, mom was right.

Yawning is "contagious" - Rather, the truth
It is known from experience that when one person begins to yawn, he “infects” everyone around him. It is difficult to say how true this is from a scientific point of view, but some anthropologists believe that the reflex to the repetition of the neighbor’s yawns remained with us from the monkeys. It is known that chimpanzees love to mimic each other's yawning. That is, yawning after the neighbor, we just subconsciously mimic him.

Lightning never hits the same place twice - Dangerous Lies

In fact, just the opposite. Lightning has its own “preferences”. Everyone knows that lightning more often falls in high places. So it’s not worth hiding from lightning under a tree that has just been struck by lightning. For example, lightning hits an Empire State skyscraper an average of 25 times a year.

Men think about sex every 7 seconds - Rather lie
Of course, thinking about reproduction is an instinct inherent in human nature. But it is, of course, impossible to scientifically verify how often such thoughts are visited by a man. But judging by sociological research, every 7 seconds is still an exaggeration.

Hair and Nails Continue to Grow After Death - Lies
After death, all processes in the human body stop almost immediately. Including hair and nail growth. This misconception is caused by a simple optical illusion. After death, the human body loses a lot of fluid, the skin dries up, the nails are exposed, the hair appears longer.

Imagination helps kids cope with pain.

People with many friends live 3.7 years more than those who all are isolated.

Close friends and family is the most important valuable source of a person’s happiness.

The type of music you are listening to can change the way you think.

Drinking just one can of soda per day can raise our risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%.

On an average, a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds.

The Flappy Bird is actually the swimming level on Super Mario.

Studies have found that Facebook can cause you to overestimate how happy other people are, making you feel more depressed.

Approximately 52 % of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.

A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a person’s mouth - you can’t compare

Despite the fact that dogs love to poke their nose and tongue in places that you cannot call clean, it is believed that the dog’s mouth is more sterile than the human’s mouth. In fact, the set of bacteria that live in the mouth of different species is so different that it’s simply impossible to compare. So the dog is not cleaner, it is just different.

If you run in the rain, you get less wet - Mathematical truth

A number of mathematical equations designed specifically to describe this process prove that this is more likely true. When running, you are much more at risk of ruining the suit, because the front of the torso will get wet most of all. When walking slowly in urban acid rain, you risk your hair the most, because it is the head that suffers the most with this method of movement.

Raised within five seconds is not considered to have fallen - Absurd lies
This is so absurd that few seriously believe in it, but just in case, we recall that the tests performed show that harmful bacteria get on any object that fell to the ground immediately upon first contact.

Animals Can Predict Natural Disasters - Rather Lies
There is no reliable evidence that animals have a “sixth sense”. But the excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision, as well as innate instincts, developed better than in humans, allow animals to quickly determine the danger. In addition, animals will never stare out of curiosity at a hurricane or an approaching tsunami. Nonetheless, many animals die during natural disasters. So, even if animals have a “sixth sense”, it does not bring them special benefit. (However, during the last tsunami there were very few dead animals ).

Men act playfully to signal non aggressiveness to a potential mate, while women do it to evoke youthful fertility.

3.4 billion years ago, the Earth was much cooler, making easier for organisms to live.

Tobacco is projected to kill approximately 1 billion people in the next century.

Jurassic Park featured only fifteen minutes of dinosaur footage.

Sleeping Beauty was such a box office bomb that the company decided that princess movies weren’t exactly the wave of the future.

Modern movies have an invisible fingerprint that can track any person filming at the theatre illegally.

The Great Wall of China - the only man-made object visible from space - False

There are various variations of this statement, but they are all equally false. Astronauts can see a lot of objects created by man from a low orbit. For example, the Egyptian pyramids, or even the runways of large airports. In fact, seeing the Chinese wall without knowing exactly where it is is much more difficult than many other objects. And to see the wall from the moon is definitely impossible.

Change of seasons occurs due to changes in the distance of the Earth from the Sun - False
The change in the distance from the Earth to the Sun, occurring with the movement of the planet in orbit, has little effect on the temperature on Earth. The thing is the angle of inclination of the Earth's axis in relation to the Sun, which, changing, affects the change of seasons. Everything is simple, but still incomprehensible.

Chewing gum is digested in the stomach for 7 years - Adult lie
Of course, processing chewing gum is somewhat more difficult than organic food, but nothing is impossible for our body. So chewing sweets are digested and excreted just like regular food. Apparently, this error appeared with the light hand of strict adults.

Sleeping Beauty was such a box office bomb that the company decided that princess movies weren’t exactly the wave of the future.

Modern movies have an invisible fingerprint that can track any person filming at the theatre illegally.

Michael Fassbender who will play the lead role in Assassin’s Creed (2015) has admitted to never playing the game.

Some Tanzanians believe that albinos are ghosts that can’t die.

North Korea has it’s own computer operating system called Red Star OS.

Israel has broke 65 U.N resolutions with no consequences and Iraq broke two and got invaded, bombed and destroyed.

On an average, men are more willing to fall in love with partner of a different race than women are.

Philophobia is actually the fear of falling in love.

Women are less attracted to men who have a belly

It takes anywhere from 3,000 to 24,000 hours for someone to become a chess master, depending on general cognitive abilities.

On average, soccer players run as far as 9.6 miles in a single match.

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