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200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

If you are finding the best latest updated WhatsApp status then you are in the right place. Here we have provided 100% unique and new WhatsApp status for you which you won't find at any place on google. Here we go.

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

Whatsapp Status Destiny

Destiny is not expected But created. It’s a matter of choice, not a chance

Cheating is the disease of Age. Actually, the truth is that you do not know what’s to be happening next. Life is a silly ride and nothing is assured.

You have no passion, You have no life.

I have experienced that life will love you if you love life…

Sometimes life is too complicated to understand.

I need a happy life, not perfect life.

A failure of a moment can become a mistake of a lifetime.

The best fragment of your life will be the miniature, Unnamed moments you spend smiling with who matters to you.

No matter how tough we try, Life will never be perfect.

My dear sweetheart Life, If you have a pause button would be greatly appreciated!

You will be strong, you will be wrong, But Life goes on!

Silence is the most powerful wail!

Live like sparrows, they do not know what they do in the next moment. Live your life from moment to moment.

At the bad times, we learned Life’s best lessons

I have experienced that if you love life, life will love you always!

Nothing painful more than realizing, He meant a lot to you but you mean nothing to him.

Struggle not to achieve success. But to assure that your life has a meaning!

Life is beautiful but people are crazy.

Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present

If you don’t make a mistake, you don’t learn any lesson in life.

The quality of your relationship makes the quality of your life.

Life is like a glass bunch, when you hold it tightly it will make you happy & when you released or dropped it, will destroy.

If you want to see life smiling, give it your best!

Life is so beautiful when you actually live it for yourself

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

Whatsapp Status Popular

Remind yourself that It’s  OKAY not to be Perfect.

The words that can’t be spoken are “TEARS

Only the one person can make me happy when I am sad that are you.

A person who falls down & gets back up is too much stronger than a person who never fell down.

Improve your Achievement by Improving your Attitude.

It is amazing how instantly you can change your mood, how sunk your heart can sink & how much someone can affect you.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire if you don’t replace it. You will never go anywhere.

Its how funny when I am loud, people tell me to be quiet but when I am quiet people ask me what’s wrong with me

Do not let fear convince you; otherwise, you always have a choice.

A sense of humor makes a man handsome.

I love listening to lies when I already know the truth.

I speak for all that is fine and good, things you can never have even if you wanted them.

I met you as a perfect stranger, took you as a best friend. I hope we accommodated in heaven where friendship will endless……….

You only live but once, if you did it right once is sufficient.

Your attitude is the only difference between a good day and a bad day.

Don’t look at others, be your own hero.

Don’t contend with an idiot, he will hang up you down to his level & beat you with his experience.

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

The only reason I am fat because a slight body couldn’t store all these abilities.

Everyone is intelligent when he can work hard.

Don’t get confused b/w my attitude & personality.

Don’t waste the time in searching status, build your own status.

I don’t need to give explanations, I know I am right.

I’ll be back before you pronounce ajlakjdkadifewfsadrekj.

I love someone who gives me a loan & then leaves me alone.

Waiting for the Wi-Fi password.

I am tired of achieving my dreams.

Your SUCCESS depends on the second letter of it!

I might be crazy because craziest is way better than stupid!

The major cause of divorce is only Marriage.

I do not understand the luck why allowed some people to meet, when there is no one chance for them to be together.

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

Whatsapp Status Most Funny

You love me is true but I love you is a true joke.

Baby, I give you all the happiness of life on your credit card.

You are my whole world and I can’t handle this world.

You are my honey and I am your moon let’s go for a honeymoon.

listen, baby, I am not sincere with you baby replied oh really me too.

Can I hug you oh no plz your armpit smell is so bad?

You are like a cloud when you go I am facing a brighter day.

I don’t need a hairstylist I thing every morning my pillow do this job well.

I am not lazy I am just busy in relaxing myself.

I Just hate my girlfriend when she says ‘Hold my purse”.

Insurance is just like marriage. You pay, pay and you never get anything back.

Everyone is born equal in life exactly until they get married.

In my house, I’m one and the only boss, my wife is just the decision-maker.

My friends buy the best food and I eat all their food so I think I am their best friend.

I can not get the answer to this question, why I am so cute?

My husband is just like Math, can’t be contradicted.

I’m sorry, I’m not updating my Facebook status, my cat ate my mouse.

My Friendship for you is forever until then i involve in a relationship.

Really you cheat me !!! oh i am excited because I love cheating even in exams also.

Bloody bitch, liar, hyper patient all these tonight texts are send by my drunk cell.

I am not a looser some time I got loose motion but it’s totally naturally occurring.

You think I miss you? really not just kidding baby.

Yeah, I stole your credit card just for giving you valentine's gift baby.

life is too short makes girlfriends fast.

I fall in love with you wait I think I am not sure.

She rejected me just because of my golden teeth’s killer smile.

Love you , miss you , feeling alone all are just ways of saying please let me go now.

Whatsapp Status  Friendship [Evergreen}⧭

I like your honesty that’s why I stand for you dear friend

I just need a friend who says good things behind my back

I love hard times as they always reveal true friends.

I hate to do friendship with many friends , my priority is just real ones.

To do friendship with thousands is not a big deal, make a friend who stands for you when thousands against you

My friend is like a vault and I keep all secrets locked up in.

Friendship is just like a flower that always blooms in the branch of trust and sincerity.

Hey  thank you for being my friend and loving me so selflessly.

You are a good listener so you really become a good friend of mine.

I am sure we are good friends as we share clothes lol.

I respect my friends they know all about me and still loves me.

No matter how hard situations of life try to separate us, We shall always keep in touch.

Your small words always help me a lot in my struggling period of life.

Don’t be silly I am here for you so just smile I just need it.

i am starting a company where only friends are worker really friends company.

The world’s most brighter star I have in the shape of true a friend like you.

Whenever destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relation, it corrects its a mistake by making them real friends

Be strong life is hard but there’s always a rainbow after every storm friendly advice.

It’s a fact as we grow older, we don’t lose friends, We just learn who the real ones are.

You know your friendship is the best present I ever got.

i am crazy lazy but you are still my friend lovely.

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

Whenever I said I don’t need you that was the time I really need you.

A dear friend lives here and there don’t go anywhere.

For me, friendship is the weakest point that’s why I think I am the strongest one.

There are no words to explain friendship only emotions are there.

‘Friends are one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a happier life.

There is nothing pure on this planet more to be prized than real friendship.

Friendship is tested in times of trouble, not in happiness.

Never let your friends to feel lonely, go and Disturb them all the time.

I kill you I hate you as I love you that’s the reason I have right on you.

You know every ship is brittle but friendship is permanent.

Whatsapp Status  Love 

When you are not in my life I was just simply living but know I am alive really.

You are like a spring season of my life where flowers bloom The heart touching voice for me is yours when you say I love you.

In your smile, I see some special shining like stars.

No one rejects me because I am already accepted.

My Dear lover, I want to hold your hands for all life journey.

Would you hold my hands for full life without you I can not walk.

Your sincerity is cuter than your loving attitude.

You can not love someone by choice it’s a by chance accident.

Don’t leave me as I left all things for you even my heart.

My good luck when I looked at him just as a friend than I realized this fact oh my God I love him.

I live without oxygen but not without you.

I saw many many people who hide their feeling are more careful about their relations.

The most hurting thing in love is that you miss your prince charm but can’t see.

I totally flat on you because you are the only one who feels my absence.

I am in relaxing mode whenever you hold my hands

love is not based upon expensive gifts it’s just based on respect, care, and compromise.

No right to anybody for making my soft heart into hard ones.

You can never understand my love you want proofs and it’s the insult of love.

My whole world depends upon your innocence so remember it.

No rules no conditions just jump in my heart.

After taking love doze I am converting from weaker into strongest one.

I share everything but please not your love.

Hey, do you have any idea about how much I love you?

I don’t know when you become my weakness so take care I just only love this weak point of mine.

Hey stupid you are so much more to me than you think.

life is too short and I spend this shortness of time in your heart.

The main purpose of my love is live with you and take a stand for you that’s it.

love is good but it needs a healthy relationship as it’s a matter of the heart.

Whatsapp Status  Love [Marriage Couples]

Okay I  accepted your love, I think you are a deserving candidate

I start laughing when the memories of your love start in mind with full random motion

Love is not complicated; we make it by saying what other thinks.

We can’t follow the rules of right and wrong when we start loving someone it’s love damn it.

Go where ever you want I am happy in your heart

I need only your cute smile that helps me in struggling of life.

I just want to see you happy no matter your happiness are with me or with someone else

You cheat me but I am thankful to you by giving me a chance to find someone better than you.

Oh really loving you is right but you have to give me rights of fights

When I see in your eyes I just reach in your heart, what a magic happens

This is the fact, Love cures people both who give it and the one who receives it

Don’t say you are nothing for me you are everything

Childhood love is so unique, that time feelings are innocents and hearts are pure

Let run away with me, Where there is only you and me

 Take me in your arms, where you hold me tightly and never let me go.

I need only two times of your life, please …Now and forever that’s it.

You hurt me many times but my love for you is increasing its volume day by day

Whenever I think about you my heart starts jumping is this good for health??

My one and only wish is that every moment of my life is to spend with you

Yeah my love is unconditional because in love no conditions matter

You know I love you more than stars in the sky. I think these lines are now so old yup

True signal of love I got from you hmmm when you shy in seeing my eyes

I want a partner that accepts me with all the painful parts of my past

No, I can’t give an explanation of my love it’s a practical feeling, not a viva test

Add me in your beauty box because my fair love increase your fairness

I select you as my life partner because you understand my silence

Yeah I am single and I think God is creating a script for my love story

You know No one can change me but you do this

My whole world start smiling whenever I am with you

200+ Latest Whatsapp Status And Quotes (Updated) 2019

Whatsapp Status  Love [Hypnotizing Her Quotes]

I want  to say this reality many people have caught my eyes but you are the only one that caught my heart.

In love, there is no give and take policy  because it’s love, not a trade

There are many hearts but I lost my heart only in front of your smiling face

What the whole world say is not matter for me but what you say is really matter

I madly want to fall in love whose character is most beautiful than handsome looks

You want to know how much I love you? leave it I have no scale for measuring this feeling.

Oh my God, what’s happened with me? where is my heartbeat when my eyes see you

I am searching for a real man whose love is based upon respect

Once I say show your love in front of the whole world, he comes near and whispered in my ear and say I 
love you because my whole world is you

Promise me whatever the conditions are never let me go

You know my life is completed when you hug me and say my life start and ends on you

I am crazy I am not sharing you with anyone even not with you

Oh my God your blue eyes totally hypnotize me

I am like books full of words but silent

The Garden of my heart is in silent mode because you are not smiling

Shout loudly with full craziness and say I am your’s

Love is painful and I know how to handle it

One day you come back in my life because I beg you from God with tearful eyes

No luxuries are needed for love only a good soul is needed

Well don’t make life hell, I am your happy bell just add me in your cell

I start loving you much as your heart touching me much

Everyone wants to spend time in a romantic destination but I don’t need it because I have you

I need a common man who love a woman

I am single and want a signal

I am arrested in the magical love of a sweetheart and I don’t want freedom yeah sure

I want a boyfriend of handsome character, not handsome apps

I don’t want a rich man as a partner I need millionaires rich by heart.

knock knock I want to enter in your heart , and now start loving me

I do anything for your happiness but can’t face tears in your eyes baby

love, love and just love and I have dove

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