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Best Tourist Places At Vadodara You Must Know

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara
Best Tourist Places At Vadodara, Best places to visit at Vadodara, If you are addicted or like to visit heritage places than here are the best tourist places at Vadodara which will blow your mind.

Lakshmi  Vilas Palace

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

This Palace is toped in The Best Tourist Places At Vadodara list,
Lakshmi Villas palace was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad in 1890.
Lakshmi Vilas Palace, the luxurious palace of Vadodara is one of the most special and large palaces in the country. 

Here Gaekwad royal family were living in this palace. This Maratha family used to rule Vadodara at some point in time. So much respect is given to this family in Gujarat.
After the independence of the Inda, this family has made so many economical and social changes to reform Vadodara.

Gaekwad family has helped in preventing child marriage, eradication of untouchability and much more social and cultural development.

The Lakshmi Vilas Palace is 6 times larger than the Buckingham Palace which is held in London. Laxmi Vilas Palace is situated in a total of 700 acres. There is also a museum, a cricket ground, badminton, tennis court in this place. There are a golf court and birdhouse near this palace. You can also go there and enjoy your day.

During the construction of Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Some of the important special items were sourced from Pune, Agra, Rajasthan, etc.

This palace is open from 9 am to 5 pm for visitors. It is on Rajmahal Road in Vadodara. The fee is about 200 rupees per person. You can also go here anytime.

Many weddings also take place at Laxmi Vilas Palace. People also do their wedding reception at this palace.

  Kamati Garden (Sayajirao garden)

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

Kamati garden is one of the largest gardens in India. In which many people come to spend a very good time with their family. People come here for jogging and walking in the morning and evening.
This garden is a family garden, here you will see many types of trees and plants, which makes the mind fascinated by seeing it. There are also many fountains, by which you will get pleasure from sitting near.

There is a zoo in this garden. Which has many animals such as Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Snake, Beer, etc.

There is also a birdhouse beside the zoo in the garden. In which many different types of birds have been kept. You will be 100% shocked by seeing so many types of birds. You can enjoy both these places only for about 20 rupees per person.

A small train also runs in this garden. By traveling in it you will be able to see the whole area of the garden. That train shows every corner of the Kamati garden to its passengers. Its ticket is about 40 Rs. per person.

There is a planetarium in this Kamati garden. If you don't know about the planetarium, then I should tell you first that the knowledge of space is given in the planetarium. The big screen is there in the planetarium to see and experience a real space of galaxy. The show in three languages runs in the Planetarium in Kamati garden. Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

There is a lot of food facilities like canteen, food the court, ice cream parlor, and a fun world also is there to enjoy the beautiful rides.

Whenever you come to Vadodara, you must see the Kamati Garden.

 Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Museum & Picture Gallery
Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

This Museum ranked in the top list of The Best Tourist Places At Vadodara.
Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Museum and picture gallery is a very large and very beautiful museum which is in Kamati Garden, Vadodara. It is built-in 1894.

In Kamati Garden, there is a very big palace of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad in which all the army of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad lived in earlier times. The palace used to be very big, now this palace has been kept as a museum.

Government authority has been done two parts of this palace. In which one part is open as a museum and to enter in the other part is not allowed for visitors.

There is a lot of antique stuff in the museum which is brought from different countries. There is stuff related to archeology, Geology, Geography, Mughal miniature, Sculptures, Textiles, ancient Indian music instruments.

A lot of objects or things from Japan, Tibet, China, Nepal, Egypt, etc. You will also see there an Earth Science, Ancient natural History, some stored zoology creatures.
There is one big eye-catching thing is a 22m long bu whale skeleton stored in museum underground section. The whale was found in 1972 at the mouth of the River Mahi. And it was completely washed out.

In the museum, there is a big collection of paintings from some great European painters, and most of the collection is from Sayajirao's own collection.

The place is like definitely to visit when coming to Vadodara. It will be your great experience.

Location :- Kamati Garden, kala ghoda main road, Fatehgunj - 390002

Open:- 9 AM To 6 PM

Fees:- Adults - 20 Rs / 10 Rs. - Children

Note:- No photography is allowed inside the museum.

 Sursagar Lake

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

Sursagar Lake has been built in the center of Vadodara, Sursagar was earlier named as Chandan Talab, which was later changed to Sursagar because Sureshwar Desai had built this pond.

The lake is always all 12 months filled with water. The appearance of the Sursagar lake is very amazing during the night, there is a lot of food shops around Sursagar Lake.

There is a lot of pav bhaji stall near Sursagar. You can enjoy the beautiful view during eating a tasty pav bhaji.

There is a big and tall statue of Shiva lord is made by Vadodara municipal corporation in the center of the lake.

Location :- Sursagar lake, near Nyaymandir, Raopura road

Chapaner – Pavagadh Archeology Park

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

This awesome place also received a rank in the top list of The Best Tourist Places At Vadodara however the place is 60 km away from the Vadodara.
Chapaner - Pavagadh Archeologiaopark is 60 km from Vadodara city. This place is a great place. Here you will see so many ancient architectural Things. Here, you will find heritage buildings of both religion Hindu and Muslim.

In this place, you will get to see ancient Citadel, Palace, Ancient Structures and Water Installations and ancient Swimming Pool.
There is a big mountain near chapaner which named Pavagadh. on the top of the mountain, there is Kalkimata temple for which devotees would climb 3000 steps to pray in that temple.

Ropeway has been made for senior citizens and who do not want to go through steps.

 Inorbit Mall

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

The Inorbit Mall of Vadodara is one of the largest malls in the country and has hundreds of shops. From where customers can buy different kinds of things. And this mall is located on Gorwa road in Vadodara. This mall is the largest mall in Baroda and has many big brands. Many big brands like Apple, Nike, Adidas, Chrome, Spencer, Globus, Peter England, Van Heusen, Arrow, and many more big shopping brands are available to buy whatever you want.

In this mall, many people come to shop on a daily basis but on the weekend you will see shine there. There is a big-screen the theater is made on the 3rd floor of the mall, where you can see the latest releases. This mall has a 3-screen theater. 3 movies are shown at a time. The name of this theater is Cinepolis.

There is a food court on the top 3 floors in this mall, in which many different varieties of foods are available. Many food outlets like McDonald's, Dominos, KFC, Baskin Robin, Burger King, Subway and more are available to fill your stomach.

A game zone has also been created for children to play here. Which attracts a lot of people to visit there at least once.

Location:- Inorbit Mall, Gorva road, near genda circle

Time:- 11 AM to 11 PM

Sindhroat Check Dam

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

Sindhroat check dam is a great place to visit with your friends and even family sometimes. The road to reach over there is beautiful and it will take your breath away with a beautiful atmosphere. The beautiful plantation of trees will make you fall in love with nature as well.

There are quite points here at sindhroat check dam which you can visit when you reach there. The best time to visit is in the early morning and especially in winter when there’s nice chilly cold with nice breeze following you till you are not satisfied with the weather. 

Mostly college students prefer to come to spend some quality time with their friends and mostly just come to hang out and make themselves free from daily hectic activities. 

It's a nice place to refresh yourselves when you don’t have time to go on a long trip. 

One must check out this place and must visit once if you haven’t.

Maharaja Sayajirao University

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

Maharaja Sayajirao University is the oldest and most famous university in Gujarat. 

It was formally called Baroda College and it's a public university which originally established as a college in 1881. Later became a university in 1949 after India got its independence. 

After the independence, it was renamed after the known ruler of Baroda - ‘Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III’. The university provides undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs and it houses 89 departments and its spread over 6 campuses and it covers massive 279 acres of land.

University also has its own cricket ground. Which hosts plenty of cricket matches. Its a part of ‘Baroda Cricket Association’ which controls all cricket matches in Vadodara. It has the potential to send players to go play for the country at the international level. 

The university also has its own basketball court, football ground and many other sports facilities that students can use.

There are plenty of refreshment spots which you can get to refresh yourself. Canteens are available in all departments and there’s a central library that is next to science faculty and can be used by everyone.

Hathni Mata

Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

Hathni mata is a very beautiful place and it sort of tiny hill station and it has a very beautiful waterfall which you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

You can have a pleasant evening by going there and can enjoy every moment of it. 

That place has some very cool points which you can visit and can take pictures with your loved ones. 

And there’s a temple you can visit. 

Overall it's a very good place to visit and can enjoy the breathtaking waterfall.

Kirti Stambh
Best Tourist Places At Vadodara

This place achieved a great position in the top list of the Best Tourist Places At Vadodara.
Kirti Stambh is the most popular landmarks of Vadodara and its located near polo ground. It was built-in 1935 to celebrate 60 years of ruler Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. 

The Stambh is made out of Pink ‘Songadh stone’ and it stands tall opposite to Nehru Bhavan with a lion perched at its top and facing backward. Kirti stambh is also known as the ‘Tower of Fame/Triumph’.

The Kirti Stambh as we see today is one of the busiest areas in the cities as bus depot is located within 100  meters. It stands tall around the fast-developing concrete structures and buildings.

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