Corona Latest Update - Vadodara City Expecting More to Come

Corona Latest Update - Vadodara City Expecting More to Come

Corona Latest Update - Vadodara City Expecting More to Come

From March 20 to April 4 there were only 9 cases, 68 new cases registered from April 5 to April 11.
Corona explosion occurred within 7 days after the first Corona-positive case was registered in Nagarwada.
All 68 corona-positive cases in the last 7 days have been reported for local transmission.
Coronavirus has been spreading like a blast in Vadodara city for the last 7 days. 

On March 20, the first two positive cases of the Coronavirus were registered in Vadodara in a single day. In the 16 days up to April 4, only 9 cases were registered in Vadodara. However, on April 5, the 10th case of Coronavirus was registered in Vadodara. And in just 7 days thereafter, 68 cases have been registered in Vadodara city and 65 of them are from the Nagarwada area. So, in the coming days, a number of cases are likely to come to Vadodara city. 

The first two corona-positive cases were registered in Vadodara on March 20. In Vadodara city, on March 20, positive reports of Coronavirus from Chirag Pandit who came from Spain and Rekha ben Seth in Tandalja area who came from Sri Lanka were reported. 

Then a report came of Corona Virus positive for Shailendra Desai and Nilima Shailendra Desai from Nizampura area, who recently came from Sri Lanka. Then came reports of his daughter, son and daughter-in-law, Corona virus-positive. And then the reports of two friends Nadiad's Vipul Patel and Nikhil Patel also came in corona virus-positive.

However, Coronavirus was still under control in Vadodara city. After April 5, cases started to increase in VadodaraHowever, on April 5, the report of Ferozkhan Pathan serving food in the Nagarwara area came out positive. They provided food to needy people in various areas of Vadodara city. So that they had the potential to become infected. The next day, on April 6, more positive cases were registered in the Nagarwada area. And on April 7, the report of Corona Virus by Nagadwada doctor Saad Ahmed Hussain Shaikh had run positive. And quarantined the cluster by declaring the Nagarwada area a red zone and sealing the entire area. And mass sampling was done In 7 days, 68 cases were registered in Vadodara. 

Since the doctor was working at a trust hospital in Tandalja area, he was examined by a large number of patients there. So that the Talalda area was declared a red zone and the cluster was quarantined. Roads were sealed throughout this area. However, since then the cases have increased steadily in Nagarwada and in just 7 days, a total of 68 cases including 65 in Nagarwada were registered. A total of 77 cases have been registered in Vadodara city till date. Now around 20 cases are increasing. Which is a worry for the city of Vadodara.

The first positive case of Nagarwara has not yet been determined from which person Feroz Khan was infected. Feroz Khan, the first Corona-positive person in Vadodara's Nagarwara area, did not go out of Vadodara. It is not yet known which person they were infected with. Large cases are likely to increase if they find out from whom they have a coronary infection.

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