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Lose weight 30 day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

Lose weight 30-day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

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Lose weight 30 day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

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Lose weight 30 day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

The Basic Pillars of Weight Loss

If you are not happy with your weight loss or if you are not getting satisfactory results from whatever you are doing to cut on your weight, you need to understand the three basic pillars associated with the concept of weight gain and lose weight. Many people only focus on one or two areas and don't really understand or incorporate the other in their strategy. I believe understanding these three basic and fundamental pillars will definitely help clarify the bigger picture of weight loss in your mind, hence eventually helping you to meet your goals much sooner by this lose weight 30 days workout plan.

The first pillar is 'diet'. What and how you eat has undoubtedly the biggest and most long-lasting impact on your weight. Nutritionists spend a lot of time preparing personalized meal plans catering for the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins that are required by your body in order to meet your weight loss goals. Although it is quite hard to stick to such a strict diet, it definitely pays off in the long run. Diet should be treated as fuel required by your body to perform towards your goal, whether it's weight gain or weight loss.

However, diet alone cannot give you the results you are after. It should always be combined with the appropriate and right amount of 'exercise' - which is the second pillar of weight loss. Many people misunderstand exercise by spending lots of money on gym memberships and hiring personal trainers. 

Lose weight 30 day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

This is not necessary. As long you know the right amount of fats to burn and you are committed to the pace at which you want to slash the fat, it's really a matter of time and patience. Various studies show that the best outcomes of exercise can only be observed over a period of time and not overnight. Even if you are not sweating liters and liters, if you consistently carry out your exercise plan, you will see the difference that will make you happy.

Diet and exercise both can be out of whack if you don't incorporate the third pillar of weight loss in your mission: commitment. Commitment is all about your desire and willpower to achieve your goals. You may have the perfect meal plan laid out in terms of carbs and protein intake and you may have the most expensive gym membership in your suburb, but if you are not committed to putting this in action, your mission will soon become your dream. Indeed, it is easier said than done, but with a bit of commitment, you can even add a cheat day per week in your calendar allowing yourself a bit of leniency in your mission.

lose weight 30-day challenge at Home: The Russian Twist

If the pooch in your belly is the pain in your mirror, then it's time to take action once and for all. Exercise to lose weight in 30 days at home in which a healthy diet plays a key role. However, knowledge about how your body works is also essential. For instance, realize that a primary cause of body fat is your genetic disposition. Therefore, if you have an excess amount of body fat, your heredity characteristics may be part of why. Furthermore, women tend to experience abdominal weight gain when they go through menopause. 

Normal shifts of cellular activity within your body can change the way it distributes fat. As a result, body fat redistributes from other parts to your belly region. These natural changes in your body become more noticeable as you age. Hence, compensate for these bodily factors and reduce fat with regular exercise. If you don't, your waistline will likely remain big or even increase in size.

Lose weight 30 day challenge At Home: Pillars of weight lose

The Danger Of Belly Fat (lose weight 30-day challenge at Home)

Let's examine the structure of our ab region in more depth in order to understand how it affects us. First of all, visceral fat is the deep abdominal fat we have which poses serious threats to our health. Women must fight this fat in order to avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other cancers. In addition, eat a nutritious calorie-controlled diet to prevent excess body fat from accumulating. But keep in mind, consumption of more calories than you expend results in belly fat accumulation. Hence, exercise regularly and properly in order to burn the calories that cause fat gain. Rule of thumb: you must burn more calories than you consume to lose and maintain your weight.

How To Perform Russian Twists (lose weight 30-day challenge at Home)

Sit and twist your way to a flat tummy with this cool ab workout! This exercise consists of a seated pose and side-to-side rotation of your upper body. Feel free to hold a basketball while you twist, or just hold your hands together.

Sit on an exercise mat with your knees bent and upper body tilted backward at an obtuse 130-degree angle. Rest your heels on the floor and support your body with your rear end.

From this position, clasp your hands in front of you with arms extended toward your knees. If you chose to use a ball, hold it out straight in front of you instead of clasping your hands.

As you hold the position, twist only your upper body (waist and above) from side-to-side. During each twist, lead your body with your arms pointing down to the floor on each side. Allow your shoulders to point at a perpendicular angle to your lower body for optimal core rotating tension.

Repeat each twist for 10 repetitions to complete and be persistent about losing weight 30-day challenge at Home

Eat Healthily, Keep Exercising

Change your unhealthy eating habits and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Also, don't skip any meals and drink lots of calorie-free liquid such as water. Finally, eat 6 small meals rather than the usual 3 large meals per day. Restriction of your portion sizes and daily calorie intake calculation will help you lose weight. Calorie-burning cardio activity is one of the best ways to target stubborn belly fat. Workouts that target your abs burn calories effectively and reduce your percentage of body fat. As you eliminate belly fat cells through activity, the chiseled waistline you desire will appear.

Controlling Belly Fat, Menopause & Cellulite

All the exercise in the world cannot reduce belly fat, you also need to eat right and manage stress. First of all, stress is a major contributor to excess stomach bulge on women. Stress causes an imbalance within the victim, increasing their stress hormones, insulin, and cortisol. As a result, women gain more weight around their waistline. Another thing that can cause a hormonal imbalance is menopause. This hormonal state is the result of a poor diet, ingestion of airborne toxins, and household products. In addition, inadequate daily hydration plus vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause health deterioration. To reduce cortisol and insulin stress hormones and rebalance your body, balance your progesterone and estrogen.

Fight Your Craving For Junk Food

Avoid processed foods, fast foods, and junk foods at all costs because it's not the part of the loose weight 30-day challenge otherwise As you eat, your body will reject these artificial "foods"

regardless of how good they may taste. Artificial preservatives and flavors are a disguise to hide the unhealthy state of junk foods. Simply put, just stay away from anything that's packaged and has listed ingredients that sound strange. Twinkies, Ho Hos and other bagged-up foods impose unnecessary stress to your body. Your body shouldn't have to suffer from the food you feed it. Instead, eat healthy and organic foods that contain zero additives, artificial flavors or preservatives. As a result, your body will be happy and function the way it's supposed to.


In conclusion, slow down, meditate, let your body rest and recharge to prepare for each new day. In between your physical activity and diet, focus on mental and emotional nourishment. For instance, turn o your electronic devices and quit social media occasionally. The more distractions you have, the harder it will be to maintain focus. In addition, avoid people who are negative. Emotionally, it will help your stress hormones remain balanced, and in turn, reduce belly fat. 

In terms of exercise, don't over-exert yourself in pursuit to gain a smaller waist. Strenuous exercise isn't necessary to reduce belly fat and can be counterproductive to weight loss. Final mix up your workouts with cardio, yoga, or Tai Chi exercises. This two low-intensity exercises are good for burning belly fat, and not as stressful on your body as other high-intensity workouts. With that said, you should be well on your way to condition your waistline as long as you take massive action.

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